Delivering Value through Competent Model

As a company founded by a highly competent team of professionals with extensive project management expertise, we have selected a delivery model that complements our mission and vision. We utilize agile and flexible project based model instead of a stiff cookie-cutter one. The flexibility of our models allows us to deliver a solution that is functional as well as feasible for our clients.

Some of the worth-mentioning aspects of Accord delivery model include:

On-Site Presence for Project Handling

We believe that on-site engagement throughout the project is extremely crucial to the ultimate success. We invite our clients to discover and experience the advantages of having a team of professional present at the site. Not only does it guarantees an expedited process completion, it also ensures prompt recovery and risk management.

Handling of Unstructured Client Problems

Our team utilizes its strong problem solving skills along with advanced tools and technology to handle unstructured client problems. We analyze your need, articulate the problem, and define the scope of work through proper documentation. It helps us identify and develop the most appropriate solution. These are the decision handled by our top level experts with in depth knowledge and understanding of your domain.

Flexible Project Based Model

We utilize a flexible BOT model that helps us considerably cut down the setup time for the project. It is a low risk model that gives us complete control over the cost of the project. Moreover, it reduces the risks related to expansion of operations in a foreign country. It is a highly successful model for almost all kinds of project. However, due to its success rate in infrastructure projects, it gives us a unique edge in catering to industries such as infrastructure, construction, and public sector.

Our delivery model has played a significant role in defining our success and the level of satisfaction we have been able to deliver over the years.